Pregnancy and Body Pump

Pregnancy and Les Mills Body Pump Class – Should you continue to exercise when your pregnant particularly joining in on group exercises like Body Pump and other classes. Check out this information out:

Golden Rules:


        •  Give yourself a stronger base of support by standing with your feet slightly wider apart to allow for your new center of gravity.
        • The pregnancy hormone relaxing is acting to soften all your connective tissue, so don’t put strain on your joints by using excessive ROM.
        • Keep the trunk upright – don’t lean back. Engage the abs to support the pelvis and avoid over-extending the lower back.
        •  Don’t worry about keeping up with the class – those other people aren’t pregnant! Work at your own pace, adjust your weights and work within shorter ROM as your pregnancy progresses.
        • Talk to your BODYPUMP™ instructor if you have any questions about your technique or modifications and talk to your doctor if you have any problems.


For more Information Check this out:Body Pump and Pregnancy 

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