How many Calories Burnt in Les Mills Class?

Burn extra calories trying a new class!


Taking part in group exercise is a great way to help you to achieve your goals. Working out with others is fun and gives you a great opportunity to meet other people that share the same goals. Having an inspiring instructor will motivate you to push yourself and continue to commit to getting a fitter, healthier and stronger body.

Local gyms, Leisure Centres and Community Halls hold many group exercise classes, offering a wide variety, all at many different times throughout the week. Once booked for a class there is an element of commitment making you more likely to take part. All the classes below are found nationwide so take a read and see which ones you want to get involved in.

So if you been down the gym and starting to bore you a little why give a new class a go? Check out your gyms timetable. The worlds most popular group exercise classes are the Les Mills classes, there is a massive range and they are a  brilliant way to burn extra calories and a great aid in fat loss!

Check out the Calories you could burn in each of these Les Mills Classes in just 1 hour!!